Timelapse of the Week – Rio

5 Sep

After a small absence, I’m happy to start posting the latest and greatest timelapses. This weeks offering is a beautiful video shot entirely in Brazil, with the main location being the city of Rio De Janeiro.   I particularly love the amount of diverse locations shot in the video. Everything from the rich skyscrapers on […]

Manchester Timelapse Video

21 Aug

After shooting 20,000 photos over 2 months, I’m proud to say that my Manchester timelapse video is finally finished! I highly recommend watching the in HD video on Vimeo. Even after living here for 21 years, Manchester is still my favourite city. I wanted to capture the dynamic nature of the city, and knew that […]

Beginners Timelapse Photography Guide

19 Aug

After 2 months of writing and revising, I’m happy to say that the timelapse guide is finally out! You can access it via the top menu, or by clicking the previous link. I wrote the guide as an introduction to timelapse photography. It covers everything from what gear to buy down to post-processing the final […]

Timelapse of the Week – “Mirror City”

23 Jul

It’s not often that you see a fresh take on traditional timelapse techniques, but this week you will. Michael Shainblum has used multiple mirrors on his footage to create a trippy look at some of America’s biggest cities. It starts to lose sense of being a timelapse video, and instead becomes a real visual feast […]

Timelapse of the Week – “Pathfinder”

16 Jul

Most timelapse movies take months, if not years to put together. But Andrew Walker has shown us that this doesn’t have to be the case! Pathfinder was shot over the course of 17 days, whilst he traveled throughout Iceland. It’s a refreshing change to see a video with different music, and the moody footage fits […]

Timelapse Of The Week – “Tempus Fugit”

9 Jul

The timelapse of the week this time goes to a beautiful video shot outdoors around Europe. It was created by Dr. Nicholas Roemmelt, who would hike for hours with his Canon 5D3, Canon 1DX, and Dynamic Perception stage zero dolly. As it was shot across five countries, there is a lot of varied scenery throughout. […]

What is a timelapse video?

8 Jul

There seems to be a lot of misconceptions as to exactly what timelapse is. Is it timelapse video, timelapse photography, stop motion?  Well, this post should clear all of that up! Definition of timelapse According to the oxford dictionary,  the definition of timelapse is: “the photographic technique of taking a sequence of frames at set […]

Timelapse Of The Week – “Adrift”

2 Jul

The timelapse of this week has a change of pace from the usual. Rather than a fast punchy soundtrack, I have selected a video with a different style. The video was shot around the San Fransisco Bay Area by Simon Christen, over the course of 2 years. It’s a tribute to the rolling mist that […]

Basic Camera Settings for Timelapse

1 Jul

When starting out to shoot timelapse, the vast amount of options can be very confusing. If you new to photography as well, everything can be even more daunting. I’m going to break down the basics of camera control, explaining the options you should use for shooting timelapse, and why. For the most part this tutorial […]

BTS – Manchester MET Sunset

26 Jun

This weeks behind the scenes is another vertical dolly move. I will focus this time more on the planning of the shot, walking you through the software I used to predict this shot. At least once a day I will check the weather forecast, so I can decide whether to go out shooting or not. […]